Is it time to sell your home? Find out by answering these three questions

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You’ve wanted to sell your home for quite a while now. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current one, or maybe you’ve decided to downsize and go minimalist. Whatever the reason, you’re feeling ready to make a move.

First things first: start with the why

There are several things to consider when deciding whether now is the time to sell. But first you need to answer the most important question: Why?

Why? You’ve got to have a goal, and asking why will help you decide what it is. Selling your home is a means to an end. What do you want to accomplish by selling your home? What is your goal, and what does success look like to you?

Some reasons that people sell their home include:

  • Current home too small
  • Move closer to friends and family
  • Job relocation
  • Current home too large
  • Changes in family situation

The reason why you want to sell your home will determine the goal that you want to accomplish and the path that you take to get there. 

Then look at your finances

You need to answer two financial questions:

  • How much cash do I need to accomplish my goal?
  • Will the cash I get from the sale of my home be greater than the cash I need to accomplish my goal?

How much money do you need to accomplish your goal? This depends on what your goal is and what you will be using the money for.

Will you be buying another home after you sell? If so, you need an estimate of how much the new home will cost, and how much money you need for a down payment. You can use the cash you get when you sell your current home as a down payment on a new home. Will this be enough? Do you need money left over for other reasons like paying down debt or starting a new business? Add those amounts to the total.

The amount of money you receive when you sell your home, after expenses, will help determine your budget for making your next move. To know whether you can sell your home for enough money to allow you to accomplish your goal, you need to know how much your home is worth and how much cash will be in your pocket after the sale.

Step three: How much is your home worth, and how much cash is in your pocket after the sale?

You can use a website like Zillow, which uses data to create an automated estimate of your home, to get a rough idea of your home’s value. The problem with automated estimates is that there isn’t a real person on the other end making adjustments for when the data program diverges from reality. The results can be inconsistent. And Zillow can’t tell you how much cash is in your pocket after the sale.

An honest and competent real estate broker is the best resource for step three. A real estate broker will tell you how much your home is worth. They can also estimate your selling costs and help you find out how much cash is in your pocket after the sale. 

You need to work with someone you can trust, someone who will be completely open and honest with you about your situation. You don’t want to be pressured into listing your home for sale, and you don’t want to be pushed into making an uncertain decision. You need someone who can help you figure out whether your goal is realistic and attainable, before you list your home for sale. Someone who can help you develop a plan of action.

That’s what we do.

Free Home Value Report

Using a custom-developed formula, we leverage the technology of data driven value estimates with human intuition. Then we personally comb through the MLS to find comparable sales that bring clarity and accuracy to the value estimate. By combining the latest technology with a personal touch, we provide an accurate and well informed estimate of the market value of your home.

We can tell you

  • How much your home is worth
  • How much cash will be in your pocket after a sale
  • Tips and tricks to sell your home faster and for more money

This free service includes a professionally designed report. You choose how you want to receive the information. Most people prefer to receive the report by email. We can discuss it by phone, email, in person, or via Skype. Your choice. Once you receive it, you decide where to go from there. 

Why do we do this for free? What’s the catch?

We look at this as an audition, a chance for us to earn your trust and, eventually, your business. If you like the report and you like working with us, then maybe you’ll list your home with us some day. Or maybe you’ll tell one of your friends about us. Even if we never list your home for sale, this service helps us learn more about the market and perfect our craft. 

When we do good things for people, good things tend to come back to us. We promise you this: We will give you competent, honest, responsive service that puts your interests first. No hype, no pressure, and no bull. If this describes what you need, then let’s get started.

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