Our Brokers

At Sound Real Estate Brokers, we promise that:

  • We will never pressure you to make a decision
  • We will never compromise our ethics, integrity, or confidentiality
  • You’ll always get straight talk and candid advice about what is in your best interests, even if it costs us a sale

John and Rebecca Clabaugh

We’re John and Rebecca Clabaugh. We live on acreage in the Black Lake area of Olympia with our three kids. We love living here and helping others find their warm and happy homes. We put our clients first, and believe that honesty is always the best policy.

John has worked in the construction industry and as an investigator for a state regulatory agency. He has a BA in Philosophy from San Diego State University. He enjoys reading, playing the guitar, and spending time with the kids. He specializes in working with sellers, houses, vacant land, mutifamily, and distressed sales.

Rebecca is a recovering mechanical engineer who graduated from CalTech. She home-schools the kids and makes amazing tie dye apparel and delicious jam. She specializes in helping you find the home that you’re looking for.

We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients.

Joyce Clabaugh

Sound Real Estate Brokers is pleased to welcome Joyce Clabaugh to the team. Joyce brings a lot to the table. She has great people skills and is honest and trustworthy. A former social worker, Joyce is a compassionate counselor as well as a fierce advocate and negotiator for her clients. She truly goes the extra mile for you.

“Before real estate, I enjoyed a challenging and fulfilling career as a clinical social worker. Years of working with clients in the hospital and in hospice care have made me an expert at guiding people through difficult situations, while respecting their individual needs and desires.  

After many years of attending open houses, decorating and renovating our own homes, it was only natural to enter the field of real estate.  I love to show homes and enjoy helping others find their dream home. With my experience in home renovation, I can offer tips to help buyers see the possibilities in the homes they look at and help sellers get their home ready to sell for maximum value. It would be my pleasure to work with you and I promise honesty, integrity and commitment as we work together.”

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