The Clabaugh’s Were So Helpful and Thorough

Submitted by Leo

We used the Clabaughs to purchase our new home in February 2014. They were so helpful and thorough. I feel that they gave us great advice, helped us make the right offers and counteroffers and really made sure our deal went through perfectly. They had an extensive knowledge of real estate transactions and our area costs and values. We worked with them for months trying to find the right option of purchasing land and building vs. buying an existing property and they never tired of showing us properties that interested us. I would recommend them to anyone purchasing a home.

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John Helped Us Sell Our Rental House in Tumwater

Submitted by Jeff

John and Rebecca helped us sell our rental house in Tumwater in a timely manner. They brought a lot of knowledge to the table when it came to presenting the house, negotiations, inspections, and all the paperwork required to sell the house. The best part for me is that they were small and local and were always there when needed. I highly recommend them.

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John Sold Our Parents’ House in Olympia

Submitted by David & Kathie

We had to sell our parents house in Olympia due to health reasons. John kept us informed of the process and made a price suggestion for a fast sale. He made some suggestions on the condition of the home and gave us ideas to make the home more appealing to prospective buyers. When he had a buyer for the home, he kept us and the other agent up to date on the requested repairs. The sale went through without any problems.

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Rebecca Helped Us Buy Our Home in Olympia

Submitted by K.G.

Rebecca Clabaugh helped us buy our home in Olympia in 2013 and it was a very enjoyable experience. She was very patient, helpful, and responsive, never pushing us to make a decision. I appreciated that she always gave us her honest opinion, while reminding us of our priorities in finding the right home. She worked with us throughout the contract process to negotiate a fair price.

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John and Rebecca Have Assisted Us With Vacant Land and Houses

Submitted by John & Joyce

John and Rebecca Clabaugh have assisted us with buying and selling vacant land and multiple houses. They have been highly motivated, competent, and willing to go the extra mile to assist with each transaction. We were new to the area and John and Rebecca educated us about the different communities, and what was unique about each one of them. Now we are looking for investment property and they are assisting us once again. We would highly recommend them for any type of real estate needs!

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The Clabaugh’s Helped Me Purchase My New Home

Submitted by Dulcinea

The Clabaughs helped me purchase my new home in 2013. They were very professional and knowledgable about all aspects of the transaction. They took time to show me many homes and helped me understand the market in my neighborhood. The paperwork was done mostly electronically, which was greatly convenient. John and Rebecca are very trustworthy and down to earth people that will help take some of the stress out of any real estate transaction. They will make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.

Rebecca and John Helped Us Sell a Home with a Mother-in-Law Unit

Submitted by Sir W.S.

Rebecca and John helped us sell our slightly unusual single family (with mother-in-law suite) home in February 2014. They did a great job of walking us through our “comps” and helping us to set a fair market price. They steered us in the right direction with ways to make our home more “show ready” and appealing to more people. They used many different marketing techniques including targeted mailings to multi-generational families that might be interested in a home with a mother-in-law unit. They were in constant contact throughout the process and always let us know immediately when an agent was interested in showing our home. They helped guide us through the inspection process and were great advocates during price negotiation. I recommend them to any friend who is looking for an honest, knowledgeable real estate agent.

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John and Rebecca Helped Us Buy Vacant Land

Submitted by Kathy

John and Rebecca helped us buy vacant land in Olympia to build a new home on. They worked with us for well over a year and never tired of tromping through wet woods showing us properties. They were extremely knowledgeable helping us with feasibility studies of several different lots until we found the exact right fit for us. Throughout both process they were always transparent, easy to get a hold of, and prompt and with responses. I would highly recommend them as a down to earth, local, mom and pop real estate firm.

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